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Policies of the University
Mission Statement (.pdf, 56K)
Core Values (.pdf, 61K)
All Call to Service (.pdf, 126K)
Identity Statement (.pdf, 5K)
EFCA Statement of Faith (.pdf, 114K)
Human Sexuality Statement (.pdf, 154K)
A Biblical Theological Foundation of Racial Reconciliation Summary (.pdf, 52K)
General Policies (P-1)
P-1 Policy Committee Operations (.pdf, 10K)
P-50 Non Discrimination Policy (.pdf, 61K)
P-52 Harassment and Relationship Violence Policy (.pdf, 74K)
P-54 Whistleblower Policy (.pdf, 71K)
P-56 Conflict of Interest Policy (.pdf, 69K)
Business Policies (P-100)
P-103 Budget Planning and Control Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-104 Investment Policy (.pdf, 143K)
P-105 Signature and Contract Authorization Policy (.pdf, 134K)
P-106 Identity Theft Protection Policy (The "Red Flag" Rules) (.pdf, 149K)
P-107 Credit and Debit Card Payments Security Policy (.pdf, 276K)
Form 107-A Credit and Debit Card Security Agreement (.pdf, 152K)
P-108 Restriction of Political Campaign Intervention Policy (.pdf, 85K)
P-109 Asset Protection Policy (.pdf, 7K)
Accounting Policies (P-200)
P-200 Record Retention Policy (.pdf, 87K)
P-201 Asset Capitalization and Depreciation Policy (.pdf, 85K)
P-202 Works of Art, Historical Treasures and Collectible Items Policy (.pdf, 72K)
P-203 Taxation of Payments to Nonresident Aliens Policy (.pdf, 99K)
P-209 Personal Gifts and Gift Card Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-210 Institutional Credit Card Policy (.pdf, 74K)
P-211 Expense Reimbursement Policy (.pdf, 71K)
Human Resources Policies (P-300)
P-302 Employee Grievance Policy (.pdf, 63K)
P-304 Sexual Assault Policy (.pdf, 240K)
P-305 Employee Records Policy (.pdf, 59K)
P-308 Paid Time Off Policy (.pdf, 77K)
P-309 Paid Time Off Policy (California) (.pdf, 74K)
P-310 Full-Time Status and Work Schedule Policy (.pdf, 67K)
P-312 Leave of Absence Policy (.pdf, 88K)
P-314 Longevity Recognition Policy (.pdf, 7K)
P-315 Moving and Relocation Policy (.pdf, 126K)
P-315-A Moving and Relocation Expense Agreement (.pdf, 6K)
P-316 Personal Relationships in the Workplace Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-317 Tuition Waiver Policy (.pdf, 135K)
P-320 Holiday Pay Policy (.pdf, 187K)
P-321 Employment Requisitions and Payment Policy (.pdf, 78K)
P-322 Promotion and Position Change Policy (.pdf, 61K)
P-325 Employee Dining Discount Policy (.pdf, 62K)
P-328 Employee Benefit Eligibility Policy (.pdf, 72K)
P-329 Workplace Injury Policy (.pdf, 68K)
P-330 Service Animal Policy (.pdf, 98K)
Information Technology Policies (P-400)
P-401 Acceptable Use Technology Policy (.pdf, 79K)
P-402 Copyright Policy (.pdf, 101K)
Advancement Policies (P-500)
P-500 Gift Acceptance Policy (.pdf, 80K)
P-501 Scholarship Policy (.pdf, 100K)
P-502 Fundraising Approval Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-502-A Fundraising Proposal Form (.pdf, 63K)
P-503 Grant and Foundation Approval Policy (.pdf, 70K)
P-503-A Grant and Foundation Proposal Form (.pdf, 63K)
P-504 Restricted Funds Administration Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-505 Unrestricted Bequest Policy (.pdf, 58K)
Facilities Management Policies (P-600)
P-600 Key Policy (.pdf, 12K)
P-601 Room Reservation Policy (.pdf, 322K)
P-602 Inclement Weather Policy (.pdf, 76K)
P-607 Facilities Use Policy (.pdf, 62K)
P-608 Event and Event Services Policy (.pdf, 149K)
Safety, Security and Risk Management Policies (P-700)
P-700 Waivers and Releases for Off-Campus Events Policy (.pdf, 14K)
FORM 700-A Off-Campus, Overnight Program (.pdf, 162K)
FORM 700-B Field Trip, Not Overnight (.pdf, 149K)
FORM 700-FE Field Education and Internship (.pdf, 132K)
FORM 700-H Health Information and Release Form (.pdf, 72K)
P-702 Immunization Policy (.pdf, 78K)
P-703 Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Policy (.pdf, 75K)
P-704 Department Vehicle Rentals from Third Party VendorsPolicy (.pdf, 72K)
P-706 Building Access Policy (.pdf, 11K)
P-710 Fire Prevention Plan Policy (.pdf, 24K)
P-720 Voluntary Confidential Reporting Policy (.pdf, 157K)
P-721 Campus Security Authorities Policy (.pdf, 127K)
P-722 Clery Geography Reporting Policy (.pdf, 20K)
P-723 Crime Statistics Collection Policy (.pdf, 59K)
P-724 Daily Crime and Fire Log Policy (.pdf, 24K)
P-725 Publication of the Annual Security and Fire Report Policy (.pdf, 26K)
P-726 Clery Act Education and Awareness Program Policy (.pdf, 21K)
P-728 Campus Violence Prevention Policy (.pdf, 22K)
P-730 Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures (.pdf, 86K)
P-731 Timely Warning Policy (.pdf, 40K)
P-732 Emergency Text Messaging Alert System Policy (.pdf, 20K)
P-740 Drug and Alcohol Use Policy (.pdf, 85K)
P-741 Authority of Security Personnel Policy (.pdf, 7K)
P-742 Maintenance of Campus Facilities Policy (.pdf, 21K)
P-744 - Small Motorized Vehicle Operation Policy (.pdf, 64K)
P-745 Lockout Tagout Policy (.pdf, 83K)
Academic Policies (P-800)
P-800 Library Collection Development Policy (.pdf, 198K)
Student Policies (P-900)
P-901 Sexual Assault Policy (.pdf, 240K)
P-903 Conditional Immunity Policy (.pdf, 62K)
P-905 Room and Vehicle Search Policy (.pdf, 60K)
P-906 Formal Student Complaint Policy (.pdf, 59K)
P-907 Involuntary Withdrawal Policy (.pdf, 82K)
P-909 Service Animal Policy (.pdf, 98K)
P-910 - Missing Person Policy (.pdf, 175K)
P-910 A - Missing Person Checklist (.pdf, 75K)
P-915 Peaceful Assembly Policy (.pdf, 66K)
P-920 Apartment Rent Account Management Policy (.pdf, 62K)
P-921 On-Campus Apartment Selection Process (.pdf, 22K)
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