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Policies of the University
Mission Statement (.pdf, 56K)
Core Values (.pdf, 61K)
EFCA Statement of Faith (.pdf, 114K)
Identity Statement (.pdf, 5K)
Human Sexuality Statement (.pdf, 154K)
A Biblical Theological Foundation of Racial Reconciliation Summary (.pdf, 52K)
General Policies (P-1)
P-1 Policy Committee Operations (.pdf, 10K)
P-50 Non Discrimination Policy (.pdf, 61K)
P-52 Harassment and Relationship Violence Policy (.pdf, 74K)
P-54 Whistleblower Policy (.pdf, 71K)
P-56 Conflict of Interest Policy (.pdf, 69K)
Business Policies (P-100)
P-103 Budget Planning and Control Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-104 Investment Policy (.pdf, 143K)
P-105 Signature and Contract Authorization Policy (.pdf, 134K)
P-106 Identity Theft Protection Policy (The "Red Flag" Rules) (.pdf, 149K)
P-107 Credit and Debit Card Payments Security Policy (.pdf, 276K)
Form 107-A Credit and Debit Card Security Agreement (.pdf, 152K)
P-108 Restriction of Political Campaign Intervention Policy (.pdf, 85K)
P-109 Asset Protection Policy (.pdf, 7K)
Accounting Policies (P-200)
P-200 Record Retention Policy (.pdf, 87K)
P-201 Asset Capitalization and Depreciation Policy (.pdf, 85K)
P-202 Works of Art, Historical Treasures and Collectible Items Policy (.pdf, 72K)
P-203 Taxation of Payments to Nonresident Aliens Policy (.pdf, 99K)
P-209 Personal Gifts and Gift Card Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-210 Institutional Credit Card Policy (.pdf, 75K)
P-211 Expense Reimbursement Policy (.pdf, 69K)
Human Resources Policies (P-300)
P-302 Employee Grievance Policy (.pdf, 63K)
P-304 Sexual Assault Policy (.pdf, 239K)
P-305 Employee Records Policy (.pdf, 59K)
P-308 Paid Time Off Policy (.pdf, 77K)
P-309 Paid Time Off Policy (California) (.pdf, 74K)
P-310 Full-Time Status and Work Schedule Policy (.pdf, 67K)
P-312 Leave of Absence Policy (.pdf, 88K)
P-314 Longevity Recognition Policy (.pdf, 7K)
P-315 Moving and Relocation Policy (.pdf, 126K)
P-315-A Moving and Relocation Expense Agreement (.pdf, 6K)
P-316 Personal Relationships in the Workplace Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-317 Tuition Waiver Policy (.pdf, 135K)
P-320 Holiday Pay Policy (.pdf, 187K)
P-321 Employment Requisitions and Payment Policy (.pdf, 78K)
P-322 Promotion and Position Change Policy (.pdf, 61K)
P-328 Employee Benefit Eligibility Policy (.pdf, 72K)
P-329 Workplace Injury Policy (.pdf, 68K)
P-330 Service Animal Policy (.pdf, 98K)
Information Technology Policies (P-400)
P-401 Acceptable Use Technology Policy (.pdf, 79K)
P-402 Copyright Policy (.pdf, 101K)
Advancement Policies (P-500)
P-500 Gift Acceptance Policy (.pdf, 80K)
P-501 Scholarship Policy (.pdf, 100K)
P-502 Fundraising Approval Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-502-A Fundraising Proposal Form (.pdf, 63K)
P-503 Grant and Foundation Approval Policy (.pdf, 70K)
P-503-A Grant and Foundation Proposal Form (.pdf, 63K)
P-504 Restricted Funds Administration Policy (.pdf, 69K)
P-505 Unrestricted Bequest Policy (.pdf, 58K)
Facilities Management Policies (P-600)
P-600 Key Policy (.pdf, 12K)
P-601 Room Reservation Policy (.pdf, 322K)
P-602 Inclement Weather Policy (.pdf, 76K)
P-607 Facilities Use Policy (.pdf, 62K)
P-608 Event and Event Services Policy (.pdf, 149K)
Safety, Security and Risk Management Policies (P-700)
P-700 Waivers and Releases for Off-Campus Events Policy (.pdf, 14K)
FORM 700-A Off-Campus, Overnight Program (.pdf, 162K)
FORM 700-B Field Trip, Not Overnight (.pdf, 149K)
FORM 700-FE Field Education and Internship (.pdf, 132K)
FORM 700-H Health Information and Release Form (.pdf, 72K)
P-702 Immunization Policy (.pdf, 79K)
P-703 Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Policy (.pdf, 75K)
P-704 Department Vehicle Rentals from Third Party VendorsPolicy (.pdf, 70K)
P-706 Building Access Policy (.pdf, 11K)
P-710 Fire Prevention Plan Policy (.pdf, 24K)
P-720 Voluntary Confidential Reporting Policy (.pdf, 157K)
P-721 Campus Security Authorities Policy (.pdf, 127K)
P-722 Clery Geography Reporting Policy (.pdf, 20K)
P-723 Crime Statistics Collection Policy (.pdf, 59K)
P-724 Daily Crime and Fire Log Policy (.pdf, 24K)
P-725 Publication of the Annual Security and Fire Report Policy (.pdf, 26K)
P-726 Clery Act Education and Awareness Program Policy (.pdf, 21K)
P-728 Campus Violence Prevention Policy (.pdf, 22K)
P-730 Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures (.pdf, 86K)
P-731 Timely Warning Policy (.pdf, 40K)
P-732 Emergency Text Messaging Alert System Policy (.pdf, 20K)
P-740 Drug and Alcohol Use Policy (.pdf, 85K)
P-741 Authority of Security Personnel Policy (.pdf, 7K)
P-742 Maintenance of Campus Facilities Policy (.pdf, 21K)
P-744 - Small Motorized Vehicle Operation Policy (.pdf, 64K)
P-745 Lockout Tagout Policy (.pdf, 83K)
Academic Policies (P-800)
P-800 Library Collection Development Policy (.pdf, 198K)
Student Policies (P-900)
P-901 Sexual Assault Policy (.pdf, 239K)
P-903 Conditional Immunity Policy (.pdf, 62K)
P-905 Room and Vehicle Search Policy (.pdf, 60K)
P-906 Formal Student Complaint Policy (.pdf, 59K)
P-907 Involuntary Withdrawal Policy (.pdf, 82K)
P-909 Service Animal Policy (.pdf, 98K)
P-910 - Missing Person Policy (.pdf, 175K)
P-910 A - Missing Person Checklist (.pdf, 75K)
P-920 Apartment Rent Account Management Policy (.pdf, 62K)
P-921 On-Campus Apartment Selection Process (.pdf, 22K)
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