The MA Bioethics (MA/BE) gives students the ethical tools they need to address pressing contemporary issues in medicine, science, and technology. This program equips students to analyze these issues from a distinctly Christian perspective, to understand other influential contemporary outlooks on these issues, and to develop effective strategies for engaging the bioethical issues of our day. Students gain a broad understanding of changes occurring in healthcare practice, biotechnology, and other areas of emerging technologies, and cultivate a deep appreciation for the wisdom of God in the face of contemporary bioethical challenges. Coursework addresses the wide cross-section of bioethical issues, from beginning-of-life issues and reproductive technologies to aging and end-of-life issues, along with developments in genetics, biotechnologies such as stem cell research, emerging technologies, and issues of human enhancement, human futures, and more. These topics are taught by internationally recognized ethicists, scholars, and medical professionals within a distinctly Christian context that exposes students to various perspectives within the discipline.

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