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Housing Applications
On-campus housing is reserved for full-time students studying in a residential degree program at Trinity International University. The housing office maintains a balance among the degree programs of reserving 10% of the housing for Undergraduate degree students and 90% of the housing for Graduate degree students.
The maximum occupancy for students living in an on-campus apartment is based on the expected time it takes to finish their academic program. A student’s maximum occupancy is calculated from when the student begins the program, regardless of whether they live on campus at that time. Enrollment in a second or third academic program will not guarantee an increase in a resident’s length of stay.
  • Certificates - 1 year
  • MA or ThM - 2 years
  • MHCS - 3 years
  • BA, MDiv or PhD - 4 years
Students wishing to live in campus accommodations should first refer to the various options offered among the Residence Halls and University Apartments, and submit the appropriate online application. Summer Housing is also available with applications being found online in the Housing System Software.
Housing also maintains a list of off-campus housing opportunities, see link below.
The Conference Services Department x6406 is able to provide short-term housing options, see application link below.
TIU Housing System
Request the Off Campus Housing List
Short-Term Housing Application
Post an Off Campus Housing Property
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