Dear Trinity Campus Residents,
We give thanks to God that the land sale of a portion of Trinity's campus is moving forward in its
initial stages. The Village of Bannockburn, along with us and our prospective buyers, have been
meeting to discuss the next steps, and so we wanted to provide you with an update regarding
possible housing opportunities for the next academic year, beginning Fall 2024.
This land sale will position Trinity well for deep investment in infrastructure, academic
programming, and campus amenities. We are so grateful and excited at the possibilities this
opportunity creates. Please continue lifting all this up in prayer to our good and gracious God.
In preparation for the land sale, we will begin to address the abundance of housing we currently
have on campus and the need for us to tighten up what is available should the sale move
forward, as several residential buildings will be directly affected. In light of this reduction of
available housing, it will be necessary to uphold our already established eligibility
qualifications as we consider who will be offered leases/housing assignments for the next
academic year. For all students, please be assured that your current lease is in effect through
May 31, 2024.

Eligible students are those who are enrolled full-time in a degree program and are current on
both rent and tuition accounts.
• Master’s students must be registered for at least ten credit hours each semester. A
master’s student working full-time on his or her thesis who is registered for thesis
research will be granted hypothetical full-time status.
• Doctoral students must be registered for at least nine credit hours each semester or
progressing satisfactorily as determined by the Academic Doctoral Office.
• Maximum Years of Occupancy: on-campus housing leases end on the date a student is
expected to have finished their initial academic program
Should the land sale move forward, with few exceptions, there will not be on-campus housing
for students who do not meet these eligibility requirements. For a great many of you, your
eligibility will be obvious (and for those eligible students who live in the buildings affected by
the sale, we'll be helping you move to another residence on campus). For others, some
determination will have to be made as you progress in your program.
We will send a personal communication or have a meeting with those students who may have
to transition off campus. These students will be given the option of a limited-length lease
(depending on the property sale closing date) to provide them with more time to find
appropriate housing, finish up their degree, or create a plan to finish their degree online.
We will notify you regarding your eligibility as soon as possible. Following our normal protocols,
the Housing Office will communicate with you later during the Spring 2024 semester regarding
family apartment and community apartment leases for the 2024–25 academic year.

As we are planning, it would be helpful for us to gather information about housing needs for Fall
2024. If you know that you will NOT be needing housing starting Fall 2024 (e.g., you’re already
planning to move off campus), please complete this quick form to let us know.
A devoted email address has been created so that you can bring
any questions that are not answered in this letter. We will do our best to answer your questions
promptly, but we also anticipate that you'll ask questions we do not yet know the answers to.
We thank you for your patience as we navigate these changes together.
We understand that this may cause uncertainty and concern for some of you; know that we will
be walking with you, providing helpful resources along the way.
With thankfulness for you,

Mary Guthrie
Dean of Students